Raymond Sardana – Radio Presenter

Raymond Sardana arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1970 before moving to Peterborough where he worked for the South Australian Railway. When transferred to Adelaide he bought a house in Klemzig, where he has lived for almost 40 years. Being passionate about connecting people and helping migrants to flourish, Raymond has been an important voice for…

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Joyce – Semaphore Centrals Netball Club

There’s no denying Joyce cares for kids, but it’s her love and guidance that has set up thousands of young netballers to succeed both on and off the court. Joyce started Semaphore Centrals Netball Club 50 years ago and is still running the club and creating a welcoming space for people from their home courts…

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Tracy Blamey – Heart of Semaphore

Tracy runs the Heart of Semaphore Café on Semaphore Road. She describes herself as a passionate person and loves sharing her enthusiasm for life and learning with others. Each day she challenges herself to try and make at least one person’s day better. When Tracy moved from England with her four daughters, she felt truly…

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Rikki Cooke – Treasure Boxes, CEO

Rikki Cooke is an amazing person. She’s a social worker, a foster carer and a single mum. Rikki is also the CEO of Treasure Boxes Inc, a charity she founded in 2015, to bring comfort to the four emergency foster children in her care. Today, Treasure Boxes provide items such as cots, prams, clothes and…

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Ian, Local Volunteer

Ian has had a lifelong affinity with Port Adelaide. As a boy, he would spend his summers with his grandparents in the Port, and he loved exploring the area and fishing and swimming. He joined the Port River sailing club as a young man, becoming the club’s training officer for two years. Now, Ian is…

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Ashley Tippins, Volunteer

Throwing some of the best parties in our community doesn’t just happen by accident. Ashley Tippins is a volunteer with the Semaphore Mainstreet Association and works tirelessly alongside local traders to promote Semaphore far and wide. When she isn’t volunteering with the Association, she runs the popular Semaphore Street Fair, carols and twilight markets, a…

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Local resident Roz

Local resident Roz, is making a difference to the lives of others in our local community through her creation of the Opportunity Games, which she runs alongside her planning committee. 2019 marks the fifth year of the event, which was created to enable residents from Supported Residential Facilities (SRFs) to take part in organised games…

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A selection of videos about our unique characters, our hidden gems that take us back in time & our vibrant community like no other… it’s Port Adelaide

It’s Ashley… throwing some of the best parties of all time in our community, doesn’t just happen by accident. Thanks a heap Ashley of Semaphore SA for combining your creative flair, awesome organisational skills and unwavering passion for our community… it always makes for a fun time!!

It’s Frank… you’re an amazing muso and a master story teller Frank, thanks for sharing some of the good times from back in the day. Rock on mate! It’s absolute champions like Frank of Hoy-Hoy that make our community an eclectic melting pot of awesomeness.

It’s Sophie… you are one very special lady!! Thank you for doing your thing, you are so good at it and we are all so lucky to have you! Sophie welcomes you all with open arms to the Experience Cafe at Kilburn… you just have to go and check it out!!

It’s Alison… thank you so much Alison for strengthening our community through the power of story & for making a real positive difference. Alison of Living Stories had to send everyone a huge thank you for the way you all contributes to the best community going around.

It’s Lloyd. Thank you mate for everything you do & the incredible way you bring our community together. Lloyd of The People’s Market at Hart, Port Adelaide would like to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone that makes our mighty community what it is!!!

It’s Ian… from a young boy that would disappear for the day in all the marvel of the Port Adelaide area to now celebrating with others about just how good the place we call home is, Ian has always had a strong connection to our community and all that it has given him over the years.

It’s Roz… you’re somebody who give everyone a fair go and loves to help people have a good time no matter who you are..We all love ya work Roz… Thanks heaps!!

It’s Bronwyn… Thank you Bronwyn for everything you do… you are one in a million who makes an enormous positive impact within our community, with help from SecondBite, Foodbank SA & The Freemasons Port Adelaide.

it’s Rikki… and she is one incredible women!! Rikki through her early working career identified a real need to support young kids that were going through extremely tough times, but there wasn’t that extra help available that they needed… so she went about making things better.

it’s Tracy… her creation ‘Heart of Semaphore’ is an amazing community minded cafe with an arty twist that you’ve just got to see and feel.

Tracy wanted to give back to the community that welcomed her and her family when they packed their bags and moved here. She also always wanted to open up a cafe of her own… so it was the perfect fit.

it’s Joyce… and without doubt, Joyce is ‘one of the best.’

There’s no denying Joyce cares for kids… but it’s her love and guidance that has set up thousands of young netballers to succeed both on and off the court. Thank you Joyce for all that you do. You are one amazing Lady!!